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Air Duct Cleaning

We fully recognize and adhere to ever changing statutory legislation and industry guidance concerning the cleanliness and efficiency of air handling equipment and ventilation systems.

Our trained and experienced consultants can provide you with up to date technical ductwork cleaning guidance ensuring you maintain a safe environment, remain profitable and most importantly maintain a clean indoor air environment.

Whether your ductwork system incorporates confined spaces or working at heights with a boom lift, our ductwork cleaning Technicians are fully trained providing an efficient and professional service.

Every member of our team is adept and knowledgeable in ductwork cleaning to help you achieve clean indoor air quality.

To arrange your next ductwork clean, request a quotation or to discuss your ductwork cleaning requirements you can speak to an experienced member of our Technical Sales Team today at (925) 852-8918.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clothes Dryers move vast quantities of air through the ducting (fluepipe) the more air a machine moves the more efficient it is. From day one your tumble dryer will emit very small particles of lint and dust which have passed through the lint screens and filters. This lint and dust will stick to the sides of the ducting and gradually build up causing a narrowing of the duct. As the duct narrows the machine cannot move the vast quantity of air it needs to be efficient causing the machine to take longer to dry which costs more money to operate due to the increased usage of utilities, loss of productivity and increases your carbon footprint. In some cases, this will also cause the machine to constantly breakdown due to overheating issues. Not only does restricted ducting cost you more money it also poses a significant FIRE HAZARD.

Bay Air Flow technicians will clean the entire ducting run using specially designed brushes and vacuum machines to remove the lint and dust. Once the ducting is in an as new condition our technician will carry out a backdraft check to ensure that the ducting is working efficiently and within the scope of the laundry equipment manufacturers designed specification. Satisfaction is our guarantee.

HVAC Maintenance

Bay Air Flow knows the importance of climate control at all times of the year both within the workplace and at home.

From design and installation to preventative maintenance and air conditioning repair our team of highly skilled technicians will deal with all your needs quickly and efficiently.

When air conditioning systems are periodically inspected, cleaned and tested by trained personnel, it helps to ensure your energy bills are kept to a minimum whilst reducing the risk of breakdowns and replacement costs.

It also helps to ensure that your environment remains free of threats to health posed by indoor air bacteria’s.