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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in The Bay Area


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We follow NADCA’s Dryer exhaust cleaning guidelines to Increase appliance efficiency, reduce wear and tear, eliminate the possibility of carbon monoxide, fire and property damage and remove lint, dust and debris.

As the duct narrows the machine cannot move the vast quantity of air it needs to be efficient causing the machine to take longer to dry which costs more money to operate due to the increased usage of utilities, loss of productivity and increases your carbon footprint. In some cases, this will also cause the machine to constantly breakdown due to overheating issues. Not only does restricted ducting cost you more money it also poses a significant FIRE HAZARD.

Bay Air Flow technicians will clean the entire ducting run using specially designed brushes and vacuum machines to remove the lint and dust. Once the ducting is in an as new condition our technician will carry out a backdraft check to ensure that the ducting is working efficiently and within the scope of the laundry equipment manufacturers designed specification. Satisfaction is our guarantee.